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Saint Louis Street

A Historic Destination.
Update on the City Power Line and Street Light Project. •PDF• •Print• •E-mail•

The project is proceeding as planned. It is anticipated that JF Electric will present its proposed contract to the City of Edwardsville before the City Council meeting of December 20. lf approved, as anticipated, the project should start shortly thereafter. It is possible that staking of the project could begin before that date. ln the meantime, the city has been in negotiations with the company supplying the lights for the street. ln addition, AT&T and Charter have been contacted to begin working on the plans to bury the telephone and cable lines. It is hoped that the project will be completed by early spring, in time for reseeding where necessary and replacing plants and shrubs which have been disrupted.

Fund raisers Larry Hepler and Joe Gugger have been busy and report that they have raised pledges in excess of $176,000 for the Greater Edwardsville Glen Carbon Foundation Fund which was started to improve historic St. Louis Street. Letters have gone out to those who have pledged and 85% of the pledges have now been collected. The city will be requesting a grant from GEACF to help them complete the project to beautify this historic district.

The City Council approved the creation of the special service area at its November 1 meeting, and the bonds are being prepared and will be issued on December 15. An informational meeting is being planned for those affected by the project once the contract and the construction schedule are finalized. Keep turning to the Historic St. Louis Street website for updates as the City project proceeds.

HSSA Gets a New Board Member •PDF• •Print• •E-mail•

Mary Mckeehan of 1012 St. Louis Street was elected by the board to fulfill the unexpired term of Donna Gaylor. The election took place at the December 6 meeting of the board. Donna Gaylor served on the board for several years and was the board secretary. She resigned from the board at the November 5 meeting as a result of she and her husband's selling their house and moving to Stonebridge. At the November meeting, the board presented Donna with a bouquet of flowers and expressed their appreciation for her many years of service to the association and the St. Louis Street neighborhood. Mary, who has been an active member in the association, was also elected the position of board secretary. The board and the association welcome Mary to the board and look forward to her continued service to our neighborhood.

A Farewell to Donna

Congratulations St. Louis Street; Your Lights are on the Way •PDF• •Print• •E-mail•
On Tuesday November 1, the Edwardsville city council gave final approval for the St. Louis Street power line burial and street light installation project to move forward. The project is now moving in to one of implementation.  Monies pledged by residents of the street and the greater community are being collected by the Greater Edwardsville Area Community Foundation.  G.F. Electric will start staking the street, and other prep work, in the next weeks. More details about the project and what each household will need to do to get ready will follow. Congratulations St. Louis Street!
Holiday Progressive Party Set for Saturday, December 10, 2011 •PDF• •Print• •E-mail•
Mark your calendars for this year’s progressive Holiday Party.  For the 4th year, there will be a Holiday Party for members of the association.  As in the past, the attendees will take a dish to the host home and then visit 2-3 other homes for a holiday drink, tour of the house and an appetizer.  The party will end up at the host home for dinner, drinks and good times.  Please plan on joining in the fun.
Read All About It: The HSSA Newsletter •PDF• •Print• •E-mail•
If you didn't get a copy, download a PDF of the spring 2011 HSSA newsletter here.
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