Edwardsville, Illinois

Edwardsville, Illinois

Saint Louis Street

A Historic Destination.
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As you can readily see, the project is well underway.  JF Electric has essentially completed all of their work. The Street is now operating completely on the under ground system.  If a tree falls on the lines on St. Louis Street, it should not affect your power. JF has cut off the top of the poles on all but a few poles on the West end.  The power lines remain there because Charter has not completed its work and the power to their cable service comes in from the West.   Charter still has 7-8 houses to hook up but they have their lines buried. They were early in getting their lines buried but stopped short of getting all of the houses hooked up.  Hopefully that will be done by the end of July.

AT&T has not started their part of the project.  The delay was caused by AT&T having to redo their engineering survey.  That led to another round of negotiations which resulted in AT&T agreeing to do the work for less than their original bid.  It is a long story, but one with a happy ending.  Our hat should be off to the Mayor and his staff for bringing this final piece of the puzzle to a conclusion.  AT&T is preparing to start their portion of the work during the middle of July and hope to be done by the middle of August.  Our hope is that the project will be completed by September 1. 

In the meantime, we are all enjoying the new lights on our street.  There was some early concern about their brightness.  We are told that as the lights continue to burn, the brightness will diminish.  That prophesy does seem to be coming true. 

All of the digging and placement of pedestals is not over.  AT&T will surely have some equipment that they will place for their boosters and connection boxes.   Many however have started to do some landscaping around the transformers and pedestals.  Notable is that done by the School District and Emil Crook.  Others of us are waiting until all of the work is done before we start landscaping.  By spring of next year, there will be little or no evidence of the construction that took place this year. 

The days of the power company cutting our trees back are over.  We should start seeing the limbs grow out to reach the sunlight available in the middle of the street.  If you want an idea as to how it could look, go to the west end of Randle Street.  The street has a beautiful canopy of trees shading the street. 

Once the project is complete, we will all appropriately celebrate this historic event on our historic street.

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